Well once more The Horror Times, works in bringing more films reviews, articles and press releases. Therefore, in the month of May, known to some as massacre month, for the bloody displays in episodes, movies normally released this month and that often enough fans find out what shows of theirs found the slaughterhouse of cancellation, hence the inclusion of five massacre flicks. Yes, two of them in the archives and the others ranked in the Film Review Section. In addition, some coverage of the Cinemug Horror Fest this past month held in Philadelphia, PA.

This month, I celebrated my 45th birthday, and it with I reflected on my growth as a horror fan. I started with watching the television show Dark Shadows to The Day Mars Invaded Mars (1963), yes, a sci-fi film (which I barely recalled). Then the b-movie Grizzly (1976) truly my first horror movie I saw, then advancing to the discovery of Universal Monsters and later finding out more about the slasher subgenre namely Friday the 13th movies. Hence a fun time recalling these treasures, looking back at the horrors of horror movies to exceptional qualities many produce, though never generating nightmares only more interest and passion into the discoveries in the genre itself. A fun distraction helped refresh my writing and love for the genre that to me is my lifestyle, from plenty of Fright Rags tees, to zombie mints (seriously), supporting the filmmakers and even starring as one of the undead in Swamp Zombies 2.

As we, the horror fans, know with the conclusion of May, it brings us closer to the unleashing of Halloween Catalogs previewing the next monstrous creations to desire, lust for and crave, some establishment begun this adventure, such as Lionel Trains and Department 56, in July articles about these likely reviewed.

So horror fans, enjoy this issue.


Baron Craze, Horror Historian and Editor in Chief of The Horror Times