Display Of Decay has premiered the latest single and official guitar/bass playthrough, “Decimate”. The track is taken from the bands highly anticipated studio album, ‘Art in Mutilation’, and can be viewed on the Gore House Productions YouTube channel, here:

Display of Decay state collectively:
“This track was one of the more tricky ones to both write as well as perform, but is easily one of the most punishing tracks. Decimate is a nod to the old school style of death metal Display of Decay was founded on, and is a true statement of what the band has to offer. A big thanks to our sponsors at EMG Pickups and Spector Bass for all of their support!”

Furthermore, fans can listen to “Unable to Identify” courtesy of No Clean Singing, here:

“Force Frontal Lobotomy”, courtesy of Metal Injection, here:

Gore House Productions confirms May 18th for Display of Decays highly anticipated “Art in Mutilation”.

Celebrating 10 years since their inception, Display of Decay shows no signs of deceleration. ‘Art in Mutilation’ marks the band’s latest chapter and their 5thstudio offering. Widely noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, the Edmonton based quartet delivers 8 new tracks of premium, punishing death metal for fans of Cannibal Corpse, Monstrosity, Malevolent Creation, and more. ‘Art of Mutilation’ showcases the crews most vicious material to date
Track List:

  1. Unable to Identify
    2. Forced Frontal Lobotomy
    3. Living Monolith
    4. Art in Mutilation
    5. Condemned to Ash (ft Christian Donaldson)
    6. Mortuary of Decay
    7. Decimate
    8. Human HarvestOrder: