Skeletoon have successfully completed the musicraiser campaign!!

The band will start recording the new album on June 4 at the Domination studio by Simone Mularoni.

The upcoming They Never Say Die will be a Power Metal tribute to The Goonies and will see the participation of many guests:

Alessandro Conti (LT’s Rhapsody/ Trick or Treat) Chunk

Giacomo Voli (Rhapsody of Fire) Guest on Ghost Track

Morby (Domine/Sabotage) Chester Copperpot

Michele Luppi (Whitesnake/Secret Sphere) Jake Fratelli

David Arredondo Gomez (Taken) Sloth

Ivan Castelli (LionSoul) Capt. Jack Sparrow

Melissa Bonny (Evenmore/Rage of Light) Guest

Mark Basile (DGM) One-eyed Willy

Guido Benedetti (Trick or Treat) guitars arrangement

Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine/ Deathless Legacy) Keyboard arrangement

with kind participation of:
The Roommates, Chiara Manese & Ste Vallino

Joining on “The Goonies” Metal Army

The cover art below shows The Goonies’ One Eyed Willy a famous pirate back in 1632.

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