This definitely is not for those who dislike Death Metal, this subgenre takes a unique position with the metal realm, but with music expanding in every direction and worldwide, a new creation came from Argentinian its Cadaver Putrefacto. They reformed in 2015 after some time of nothingness, releasing a demo in 2016 and then released an EP in July of 2017. Then on November 6, 2017 their debut full-length album ‘La maldición del zombie errante’ (translated The Curse of the Wandering Zombie) that references the lyrics and substance of the Cannibal Corpse with a brutal, blood-drenched mindset torture chamber for the listeners.

Cadaver Putrefacto delivers a full of assault in content and style, complete with extreme guttural vocals, phenomenal blistering speed accompanied by sinister chords, while the forth track “Gerontofilia” echoes of doom, yet all of it appealing to old-school fans.  A downside to the album clearly having the lyrics written in Spanish with a positive display of cover art representing both horror and gore, quite common in metal to mix it with horror all done to heighten the offensive factor for the nonlisteners. Their brutal moments equal the grotesque design of the band’s logo, not leaving anyone clean from the gruesome music, with hints to more to ‘Tomb of the Mutilated’ from Cannibal Corpse rather many critics’ choice ‘Hammer Smashed Face’ while the lyrics translator reference themes from Deicide or Morbid Angel.

Track List (translated song titles):

  1. Sangriento Frenesi (Bloody Frenzy)
  2. Regreso al Horror (Return to horror)
  3. Londres Bajo la Luna (London under the moon)
  4. Gerontofilia (Gerontofilia)
  5. Escatologica Obsesion (Eschatological obsession)
  6. Sadica Venganza (Sadistic revenge)
  7. Cadaver Putrefacto (Rotten corpse)
  8. Macabra Coleccion (Macabre collection)
  9. Misogina Humillacion (Misogyny humiliation)

Band Members:

Leonel Grismado – Vocals

Juan Gomez – Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming

Many seek a replacement for Death, however, face it no one will or should do something silly like that, their music will forever endure and likely honored by others in a field so niche that one knows the pain and agony associated with it. Those fans that seek old school death metal sound, complete with filthy and offensive lyrics, look for Cadaver Putrefacto album on the label Brutal Records.


Baron’s Rating: 4.5/5

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