First, wishing all horror fans a very belated Happy Friday the 13th, I know it’s odd, to celebrate a day associated with slasher killer named Jason who has a bit of Mother issue, but next month contains Mother’s Day so perhaps fitting. As promised last month some new changes and surprises coming to The Horror Times, such as the expansion of Horror Icon articles something started on the Baron’s Crypt podcast show, namely celebrating one’ life and career, this month it’s Hazel Court known for many gothic horror films from Roger Corman.

In addition, some might recall from Rogue Cinema the anniversary articles I did, well their back too, and able to include trailers and more photos about them, fans always enjoy returning to the early portion of the horror genre. This month one film, which stands out and above many, King Kong (1933), the grand-daddy of Monster Movies, many have come after him but none ever to match his original innocence also child-like, curious and yet will defend. I would like to take a moment to congratulate Paperbacks from Hell, author Grady Hendrix for winning the 2018 Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Non-Fiction inspired by the blogspot page Too Much Horror Fiction, which discuss the books from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80s.

This month, also including more film reviews, and a ton more press releases including some Metal Music ones too, as many know I run two main music shows weekly, Shredding Metal Beasts (SMB) and Sinister Death (SD). SMB is an all metal format of 2-hr show, with explicit language and SD well that’s Black and Death Metal and some Grindcore thrown in and way over the top in every regard, in fact many call it an Abomination to Decency, and on those programs, I mention this newsworthy items hence their inclusion on the site.

Lastly, returning this month is Comic, Music, Soundtrack, and Book Reviews, with still more coming later in the year, because to me the Horror Genre, has an army of fans, who really have a Horror Lifestyle in many ways and not just at a Convention (those are very cool, too!).



Baron Craze, Editor of The Horror Times


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