Tiran, a Russian thrash band, combines with death metal to give a bit of a hint to the legendary artist Chuck Schuldinner of the band Death while their sound seems similar to Annihilator. The band attacks with their third full length album, delivering an intensely dark aggressive sound ready to capture the average listeners, some who still that classic old-style thrash.

This latest creation, released by More Hate Productions, carries a great deal of quality throughout the production, from an aggressive opening track “Apocalyptic Tales” and by the third track “Crawling Pile” tributes paid a lot to the Chuck and the band Death.  The fifth track “Metal Messiah” quickly finds the old school Metallica, the sound knocks one back and takes a trip down memory lane for some with respect to the vocals. As may the tracks likely to connect with the fans, some miss the mark, due to expanding into different musical tastes hinting to tech industrial and occasional mismatch variations, as if the musician each started playing different songs.

Track list for Apocalyptic Tales:
1. Apocalyptic Tales
2. Agony in Hate
3. Crawling Pile
4. Entropy
5. Metal Messiah
6. Amnesia (I Hope So)
7. Speed as Hell, Drunk as Well
8. A Pilot’s Ruin
9. Used (Live in Dublin 6/06/2016)
10. Crawling Pile (Live in Dublin 6/06/2016)

Line-Up of the Band:

Tiran – Guitars/ Vocals

Moshna – Guitars

Father – Bass

Kate – Drums

While the band makes sure to lock in the tracks under a 4-minute for each one, it’s not the sought-after dream of many bands to recreate Slayer’s Reign in Blood legendary album, and they shouldn’t. Listeners want bands trying to find their own voice and music. Influences equally fine, but tracks need not be limited in craft, sometimes a track of length creates incredible finesse. Therefore, if you seek old school tempo changes, aggressive and throaty attack then Tiran is what you yearn to find.

Baron’s Rating: 3.5/5

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