Samadhi Sitaram is definitely a unique underground band, which uses Russian math metal or mathcore, while blending genres groovecore, deathcore along with influences from other parts of the world. These elements sadly don’t always convey correctly on each track and depending on how far you would open yourself to these concepts will determine your likability to the music. This marks the band’s second full-length release entitled ‘KaliYuga Babalon’ on Sliptrick Records and contains a conceptual theme of Birth, Death, and Renaissance, with an emphasis on death metal music, vocals lyrics in Russian.

A long introduction track opens the album with a mixture that fits into a blend of industrial meeting symphonic themes before launching into “Kali Yuga”. Although, their track “Qliphoth” immerses the listener into deep sweeping movements of music complete with philosophical ideas. Translating the lyrics shows the spiritual decay along with a myriad of their cascading issues of a dying civilization and overall humanity. For those seeking a more general death metal track then “Orgy (Ritual Babalon)” that combines a few variations namely some doom metal slowing the tempo a bit.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Kali Yuga
  3. The Death of A Stone
  4. Apotheosis
  5. Q.Prelude
  6. Qliphoth
  7. Orgy (Ritual Babalon)
  8. Shangri La


Band Lineup:

Leonid Grushko (vocals)
Sergey Zakharov (guitars)
Alexey Mosin (bass)

First a thanks to the promotion company Grand Sounds PR for sending the CD of this band, as a listener of multiple types of music, and yet a hardcore metal fan, who doesn’t mind if the vocals are not in English, still found this to band and album slightly outside of my normal interest. It appears to strive in too many different directions, wanting to both please everyone and explore many cultural influences of music sometimes the straightforward approach works best.

Baron’s Rating: 3/5

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