Greetings fans, friends and fiends of the horror genre, first I know the issue is very late, but thanks for understanding that when one gets the flu as a writer, it pretty much zaps the brain, putting one into their own fog, took over 3 weeks to work one back into solid mode. Anyway, the numbers continue to grow for the new site and wonderful feedback thanks to you the readers, who enjoy this different version of a horror site, not loaded with images and videos smacking you in the face.

This past month another sincere loss was dealt to the horror community, author Jack Ketchum who lost his battle with cancer, in the upcoming months I will review films adapted from his books. However, from that, the genre of horror continues, especially with the next film festival and convention season, though interesting enough with issuance of the Oscars two films claimed by the genre The Shape of Water and Get Out. The Shape of Water, which is more fantasy and drama, with a hint of horror in the film, but from this director tied to the horror market Guillermo del Toro, known also for his horror filled home Bleak House. Then Get Out which was slated at the Golden Globes as a comedy/ musical, but I feel the film falls more into the category of Thriller than horror, and that I have an issue with “the closet door left open in the bedroom” if you saw the film then you know the directorial problem of this matter. Needless to say, many great cons and fests featuring reunions for the horror fan to immerse themselves in and discover new thrills and chills.

Lastly, in upcoming issues this year one can expect more content on articles on various curious and interesting topics in horror, the treats and tricks never end from the Horror Historian.
Baron Craze, Editor-in-Chief of The Horror Times