Tyrant is the second full-length album from Morvigor, a Dutch progressive/melodic black metal band hailing from the Netherlands, developing their sound and creating an interesting new path, released on November 11, 2017. This path includes incorporating obviously black metal, and mixing in death metal, punk and almost a hint psychedelic charm.

The entire album clocks in at 47-minutes, with technically 8-tracks however, 5-tracks actually true songs, the other three filters out intro/interlude/outro. Skipping the intro track a smart play, not really a good track, so avoid that one, nevertheless ‘No Repentance’ slams it into top performance echoing back to old-school black metal a bit like Darkthrone and Taake, welcoming the listener into a rude awakening. The album bounces between black and death, with an occasional screaming clean vocal. The interlude, again skip, many fans find sometimes the classical or acoustic intro an actual song tolerable knowing the transition comes quick and blast apart any doubts. ‘Blood of the Pelican’ clocks in 15-minutes simply a different sounding track, allowing for some exploration, doom, and very atmospheric.

1. Intro
2. No Repentance
3. The Martyr’s Ascension
4. Interlude
5. Blood of the Pelican
6. Voices
7. Tyrant
8. Outro

Jesse Peetoom – Vocals
Sytze Andringa – Guitar
Stefan van Delft – Guitar
Brendan Duffy – Drums
Evio Paauw – Bass

Some cool riffing at times attempt to expanding past the boundaries of black metal and try their hand at a progressive metal, therefore the change-up requires the listener to brace themselves and allow for patience while discovering what Morvigor offers. Therefore, if you enjoy searching for new variations within the black metal scene, then this might become the new path filled with twists and turns for you to discover. Thanks to Grand Sounds Promotion PR for the opportunity to review this digipak and the 16-page booklet.

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