Under The Church released its first full length in 2-years, and proving quickly fresh from the grave with their album Supernatural Punishment, hailing from Sweden (faced it quite few bands from this country fit in both death and black metal) and successfully showing the prowess unearth on Pulverized Records. Their style more honed into the death metal genre, with more focus on Horror and Violence, but their madness present both on the artwork and incorporating some speed metal into their music.

The music delivers a solid impression, vicious growls and clocking in just a hair over 30-minutes but giving a nod to old school, yes, it’s not Death (the legendary band) quality but one doesn’t seek a copycat, a redundant style or band after all this isn’t a carbon copy factory of pop music. Rather gritty and gut punching music with new twists on the formula of old, based upon various influences from an array of bands. The tracks at times expand away from Death Metal, in style, and especially “Supernatural Punishment” and “Staircase to Hell”, the singer brings more anger and intensity to his words, and both incorporate the sound of speed again, while the drums nail the portion. The close out track “Silence of the Shadows” opens much differently, thoroughly akin to doom metal expanding their horizons for the future.

1 – The Stygian Horror – 3:54
2 – Supernatural Punishment – 2:59
3 – Ancient Ritual – 3:27
4 – Staircase To Hell – 3:00
5 – Vitalizing Funeral – 3:19
6 – The Death Of Innocence – 3:10
7 – Crypt Of Pelvises – 2:59
8 – Wretched Disfigurement – 3:58
9 – Silence Of The Shadows – 3:18

Erik Qvick – drums
Lars Henriksson – bass
Erik Sahlström – vocals
Erik Wallin – guitars
Marcus Klack – guitars

These nine tracks absolutely are stuffed with ripping riffs and gripping themes, giving a full experience for the listeners to enjoy and still discover more of the layers to the music. Also, a nod to the artwork from Mattias “Flesh” Frisk (of Vanhelgd proving both vocals and guitars), it’s as important as the music itself, face it people judge from covers too, such as Ghoulgotha.

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