Greetings All, welcome to a new year of horror delights, curiosities and new wonderous adventures, here at The Horror Times, took the latter half of December off, spent it watching horror flicks and working on my house, namely sorting out all the boxes, bags and bins of horror and Halloween collectibles to show the readers and fans. Aside from that, the fourth issue now available, while a bit smaller, than last month it has new features and soon a new writer might be joining us (me). Some of those new items, I, like many other sites, get press releases and with so many feeds and sites, I am placing them in our news cycle and then a list of new blood – yes more horror to watch, via VOD, DVD, and theaters broken down by the week/day, practically all of them have trailers included.

As with the passage of time, so does the passage of the living to dead, and hence a list of all those who contributed to the horror genre in some manner, now it’s likely I missed someone, but the rough draft of it before it got formatted tallied 81 pages. Most know the death notices often come from the Baron’s Crypt, a weekly horror show, which on January 19th holds its 200th show and by February 2nd celebrates 4-years on the air – thanks to all for that achievement.

Looking forward to building The Horror Times, become involved like the Facebook page here and like Baron’s Crypt also found here.
Baron Craze, editor in chief of The Horror Times.