Bonejangles presents an odd combination of elements improper characterizations, a screwy comedy (definitely politically incorrect, and referencing the 80s) aiming to make viewers laugh and cheer and plays on your knowledge of the horror genre quite often. All of this insanity comes from screenwriter Keith Melcher (who also plays Bonejangles) his idea for this movie falls into the scenario of ‘what if’ Jason Voorhees faces off against a zombie outbreak. Therefore, quite a bit of entertainment packed into that short running time 78 minutes long, into director Brett DeJager’s (Cryptids (2017)) picture, distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.

One of the main aspects of the film is that it finds itself occupied with the topic of sex, through suggestions, verbal and gay, campers, wedding parties, the only thing missing is necrophilia, otherwise it all seems included and done in a comedic form. The entire film references many other films Evil Dead, Revenge of the Nerds, Demons (1985) and more, and serves as their own trivia game for the horror fans.

This comedy definitely won’t please everyone, however if zombies and slashers get your blood pumping then here’s your movie of the weekend. Now, you get a caveat in this picture the legendary Reggie Bannister of Phantasm fame (very limited screen time) he appears as serial killer Edgar Friendly, a.k.a. the New Brunswick Ripper, who happens to be the father of Bonejangles. The audience learns about the title killer from a legend that his mom was a voodoo priestess, and she gave him the dark supernatural powers that have kept him going, a hundred kills over the years while surviving being shot, stabbed, burned, drowned, doused with toxic waste, and frozen (wow sounds like Jason). He’s only stopped by constant jolts of electricity, sedative through an IV drip tossed into a van to be transferred to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium (HALLOWEEN reference), route that will take him through Argento City. The transfer taking place on April 18th, which happens to be the date when the dead rise in this town every year, the people there deal with zombies all thanks to a curse from Rowena Abernathy (Elissa Dowling) way back in 1872. A group bumbling police transport the killer the asylum, among them Doug (Kelly Misek Jr.) a native of Argento, who forgets to mention the problem with the date. Oops! The other police officers, who include Lisa (Hannah Richter) and Randy (Jamie Scott Gordon) all who have their vehicle breakdown, and need to survive the zombie onslaught, time to unleash Bonejangles. First, the killer slaughters some campers in Jason style, while a character named Juan shows love for cream filled Twinkies and redneck Deliverance topsy-turvy scene, either laugh or eye-rolls, maybe both.

The movie works with what it has, insanity, over the top joking, some it is insulting, but the points of Horror either to push the viewers to a fearful standpoint which carries over to their real life or a gross out/laugh out riot fun blitz, this film obviously chooses the second option. The blood splatter might not engage everyone but it’s more of low budget picture with passion for the genre on the screen.

Should the typical horror fan see this flick, first what is a typical fan, the genre allows for so many variations and avenues to explore, basically if you like Night of Something Strange (2016), The Final Girls (2015) or Zombeavers (2014) then this movie fits you very well. A throwback to not only horror movies but also other genres (some which might elude the viewers) but worth the entertainment and enjoyment with a group of friends, who like the offensive low budget horror. Just remember it came from Wild Eye Releasing filled with some corny moments and campy delights to entertain many.

IMDb Rating: 3.8/10
Baron’s rating: 4/10