This past Halloween, Acid Witch, a Detroit group, released their third full-length album, a 7-year drought since 2010 called ‘Stoned’, still a devilish return with ‘Evil Sound Screamers’ featuring Slasher Dave and company. They keep the doom metal qualities, adding more death vocals and presenting a much more Horror / Halloween influences think of playing their 10-track CD at your next slasher-themed Horror Movie Party.

Opens with a curious intro track “Scare Tape” more of a warning about the dos and don’ts of Halloween before transitioning to a campy track of “Mr. Beistle” complete with traditional metal chords and some synth of doom. By the third, “I Hate Halloween” track it almost sounds partially like Halloween III: Season the Witch in the earlier portion but the song harkens back to death metal qualities, adding more atmospheric ambiances than just songwriting. Throughout the album dialogue portions occur in some cases noting news broadcasts concerning a horror flick Maniac (1980), for the track “Cheap Gore” this becomes the reoccurring theme. One would like a nice balance of songs leaning to “Hardrock Halloween” and also that of “Cheap Gore” overall though it viciously attacks the ears of the listeners. Yes, repetitive lyrics, themes, a bit messy but then again so are horror films in general imaging this as a movie and the splattering bits slapping the critics in the faces, all thanks to the distribution by Hells Headbangers.

Track List:
1 – Scare Tape – 1:39
2 – Mr. Beistle – 3:27
3 – I Hate Halloween – 5:37
4 – Cheap Gore – 3:56
5 – Nain Rouge (The Red Dwarf) – 3:59
6 – Enter at Your Own Risk – 1:41
7 – Mutilation Mansion – 3:43
8 – Hardrock Halloween – 4:49
9 – Nightmare in a Damaged Brain – 2:17
10 – An Evil Sound Screaming – 6:17

Band Line-Up:
Shagrat – Vocals, Bass
Slasher Dave – Vocials, Keyboards
Mike Tuff – Guitars
Phil Warren – Drums

I personally enjoy Halloween, setting a budget aside to purchases all sorts of creepy new items each year, including the music, and this album gets the blood pumping for another round of craziness, sick fun to enjoy before watching another horror marathon of movies. Therefore, enjoy Acid Witch’s creation and have a doom-filled time with the insanity and blood drenching gory good times.

I listened to the MP3 version supplied by Hells Headbangers for this review.

Baron’s Rating: 4/5

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