Well, here we are, the third month of this new site, and with much thanks to you, the readers, a December issue always means a wrap of the year, while it’s true, still remains sad, but time marches onward, no choice but to follow. However, it also means another round of Christmas Horror Movies, and a few reviews of them as well as many others, more thrillers, music, book reviews. In January, I’ll unleash the best and the worst of horror films, and as a Fright Meter Committee member I’m doing the similar for them as well. In addition, we’ve got some great things planned for next year so stay tuned…

I do have the inclusion of a new column entitled Collector’s Attic, born from my horror podcast show Baron’s Crypt in which I mention many cool products that the fans should purchase, but as fans only have so much disposal income, it makes it more difficult what one wants for their collection. Herein, each issue will cover a few products that some seek from books and comics to movies and posters to figurines. Many times, I get asked what should one get or more importantly where and hence I place links for you to check out, a starting point for one’s reference.

This past year the horror genre lost many notable names, and in January, The Horror Times will have a list generated of those who contributed to field, we don’t release it ahead of 2018, simply because the year isn’t up over just yet, and Reaper never takes a day off from his morbid duties.

Lastly, if you would like to write for The Horror Times, contact us via our Facebook page  and if you’re a filmmaker or a musician (a composer, solo artist or band) seeking a review of your material or interview again contact us at our Facebook with your request.

Thanks again,
~ Baron Craze, Editor an Chief of the Horror Times