With the release of both the Cult of Chucky (2017) and the Chucky: Complete 7-Movie Collection on Blu-ray it’s fitting to cover the Bride of Chucky (the fourth installment) soundtrack released in 1998 by CMC International Records and by BMG Distribution, in which the music connects well to the film. The music contains a baseline of rock and fits squarely into the Industrial and Heavy Metal genre, with mixed results, as it’s from and inspired by the actual film and not merely the score.

A fun and solid metal soundtrack for the most part, though not without criticism, two tracks missing from the album namely Rob Zombie’s ‘Living Dead Girl’ and Blondie’s ‘Call Me’, however a must for most metal fans Slayer’s ‘Human Disease’ a great track to always hear by them. These tracks include fit into the overall general mood of the film, such as White Zombie’s classic ‘Thunderkiss ‘65’ yet for this reviewer Coal Chamber and Monster Magnet don’t necessary get the energy flowing, but that’s merely a musical taste nothing to knock against the bands. It’s nice though to go back to hear Peter Steele of Type O Negative singing ‘Love You to Death’, who passed on in April of 2010. Speaking of metal traditional style represented well by Bruce Dickinson, Judas Priest and Motorhead, might not translate to the younger audience listeners it still powers through the album and delivers in most regards perhaps aside from Priest’s inclusion. However aside from these artists, composer Graeme Revell’s ‘We Belong Dead’ mixes the score and film cues wonderful, and gives great insight into his talents, taking some of the lessons learned from the masters Hans Zimmer and Bernard Herrmann.

Track Listing:
1 – The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies – Boogie King – 3:46
2 – White Zombie – Thunder Kiss ’65 – 3:56
3 – Coal Chamber – Blisters – 4:51
4 – Monster Magnet – See You in Hell – 4:06
5 – Judas Priest – Blood Stained – 5:27
6 – Type O Negative – Love You to Death – 7:08
7 – Slayer – Human Disease – 4:26
8 – Stabbing Westward – So Wrong – 3:21
9 – Powerman 5000 – Son of X-51 – 2:56
10 – Bruce Dickinson – Trumpets of Jericho – 5:58
11 – Static-X – Bled for Days – 3:46
12 – Motorhead – Love for Sale – 4:52
13 – Kidneythieves – Crazy – 3:17 (Patsy Cline Cover)
14 – Graeme Revell – We Belong Dead – 3:15

This marks another very good addition to a horror fan’s collection and to music listeners in general, as the score appears absent from release, however perhaps one that shall change until then enjoy this rendition.

As the CD long sold out years ago, I did locate it:


Baron’s Rating: 4.6/5