Nightwolf, the only musician of the band Runespell, from Australia presents his raw black metal expanding from his demo Aeons of Ancient Blood (released in May of 2017), giving a devilish path for the fans of the genre to enjoy. None of the tracks from that demo repeat on this new released “Unhallowed Blood Oath” from September 29, 2017. As many know this artist is not newcomer to the realm of metal, with his work dating back to 2006 with Baal Gadrial “Awakening a New Era of Darkness” originally from Asgard Musik and later distributed by Infinite Wisdom Productions in 2009, yet his extensive work founded with the bands Blood Stronghold and Eternum.

Once the listener hears the opening track, they identify the classic style, often found with the subgenre, though the bleakness drifts away from the standard elements of Satanism and Anti-Christianity to more fulfilling virtuous and medieval themes, and just a hint of folkish atmospheric. For example, ‘As Old Gates Unfurl…’ the third track at approximately 2:14 mark one can hear cracking fire and a gentle guitar melody filters this same riff later found in ‘And Wolves Guide Me Home’.

This album delivers a fresh ripple into the black metal subgenre, and never tires itself on repeated plays, a highly recommended purchase of the classic style, of 7-tracks in 37-minutes, on the Iron Bonehead Productions label. This review generate from listening to an MP3, and likely airing on underground music shows, worldwide.

Track Listing:
1 – Oblivion Winds – 9:37
2 – Bloodlust & Vengeance – 7:42
3 – As Old Gates Unfurl… – 3:00
4 – Heaven in Blood – 2:59
5 – White Death’s Wings – 5:14
6 – All Thrones Perish – 6:25
7 – And Wolves Guide Me Home – 2:54

Baron’s Rating: 8/10 – screams

The band has no links to him.

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