In the eighties, a crazy lifestyle existed, full of insanity, booze, drugs and sex, everyone had the mindset of excessiveness equals complete pleasure and a never-ending trip. This band stayed loyal to their fan base with constant records of hard rock, a bit of sleaze and at least one ballad. L.A. Guns’ new album, ‘The Missing Peace’ has the original members Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis back together after 14-years with both sharing the writing creditors.  Tracii needs a special achievement award for keep the band producing music for nearly 30-years (based from first album released in 1988). One could reminisce about the personnel changes and other history of the band but this is a review of going forward and noting this new work of the band.  This new album released on October 10, 2017 on Frontiers Music s.r.l. and the review based from an MP3 from Sp-Unlimited.

Their sound remain classic, with them not converting to a modern or upbeat form, knowing their fans, makes them loyal to what they seek, simply enjoying the moment. As many bands try to reunite for a tour of old songs and past glories, L.A. Guns has new music, and based off tight sound signature riffs, a bluesy bar band grit, and friends deliver a good ole time. The first ballad Christine, chimes at the track #5, after a solid opening of “Its All the Same to Me” and “Speed” and sleazy number entitled “Sticky Fingers”. Right after the ballad the band returns with another tongue-n-cheek track of “Baby Gotta Fever”, and that’s the general theme of the 12-tracks of classic Guns tunes. This album not likely to garnish new fans; but will keep the core of them very happy and encouraged for a new brighter future of the band. Now not every track contains a bright or nasty sensibility, for example “Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight” hints to a vicious tone and interesting throwback choruses.

Track list:

1 – It’s All the Same to Me – 4:27

2 – Speed – 3:41

3 – A Drop of Bleach – 4:02

4 – Sticky Fingers – 5:00

5 – Christine – 4:10

6 – Baby Gotta Fever – 3:37

7 – Kill It or Die – 3:59

8 – Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight – 3:47

9 – The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain – 5:09

10 – The Devil Made Me Do It – 3:21

11 – The Missing Peace – 4:45

12 – Gave It All Away – 5:25


Band Line-Up:

Phillip Lewis: Vocals

Tracii Guns: Guitar

Michael Grant: Guitar

Johnny Martin: Bass

Shane Fitzgibbon: Drums


Baron’s Rating: 4/5 – (Hard Rock Music)

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