Well, made it through another October, a month filled of ghouls, goblins, ghosts, creatures in the woods and under the bed, monsters galore, it’s a month for the Horror Fans, where the love affair with gothic and creepiness boils over into daily life. An abundance of Halloween products makes adults into children on a sugar rush, every store gets into the act, CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Goodwill even Total Wine, an endless parade all leading to Spirit Halloween. Target teamed up with Universal Studios for multiple Frankenstein themed items, as well as some Creature of the Black Lagoon and Mummy, in fact some of these now fetching over $50 each. However, lots of great items came from many companies among them The Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter, first time on vinyl (Waxwork Records) and Pennywise Mask (Amoktime) while learning that Cryptic Pictures decided to buck the system and distributed their independent horror flick Mortal Remains. Although I still champion the antique stores – pricy yes, unique and rare definitely.

As this is the time of year where films glorify slashers, one killer stalks the best, Death, and again it’s claim on another legendary horror director Umberto Lenzi, known for pushing the limit, especially with his films Nightmare City and Cannibal Ferox, both for the acquired taste with some fans. Therefore, I pulled an older review of his ‘Ferox’ flick, updated portions of it and included it in the Archived Reviews section for this month.

Therefore, November 2017 Issue #2, just as the first issue contains reviews of films and now more music reviews for all to enjoy, a hugely popular item continues forward yes the DOA reviews, as one reader stated “Need Teflon for my brain with these movies!” Enjoy your stay at The Horror Times, pleasant nightmares!

Baron Craze, Editor and Horror Historian for The Horror Times

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