Anyone in horror comics knows the name Steve Niles, (30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre) his writing speaks for itself, this in a one-shot Nosferatu Wars, which actually gathers together from Dark Horse Presents installments #26 – #29, with artist Menton3. Simply enough it is a vampire tale which packs quite a bit into the one issue, but tells a great tale with wonderful imagination making it a sought after comic.

When dealing with creatures such as vampires, a timeless bloodsucker fleshed much further out than the mere stories and works of Bram Stroker and a royal count finely dressed looking for a ballroom blitz. Niles takes the vampire and mixes it into real life history with regard to The Black Plague, which killed 75 to 200 million people in Asia and Europe during 1346-1353, where no one suspects the beast to roam immune from the disease. As no one hunts them, nothing to fear as society prays for their own salvation, they freely and regularly hunt but do other monsters, exists in the death and darkness? One needs to read to find out.

While some parts might be a redo of vampire tales, but that likely occurs with any telling of the story of bloodsuckers, at the least used Black Plague History however the artwork sells the entire comic amazingly well. As common with vampire tales the atmosphere and cunning needs and desires all occur throughout the pages never quite overwhelm or overpower the story.

I found this comic at a store called Frankenstein Comics in southern NJ, and truly enjoyed it, and with many fans, who understand some of our collections become bag and board, to ensure their worth and protection. It is a good comic to own and worth repeated reads.

Rating 4.5/5