Greetings, this is a real thrill for me to introduce you to the first issue of The Horror Times, having written over 350 reviews and articles totaling over 600,000 views in 3-years, all thanks to you the readers of Rogue Cinema, presented the opportunity to write and be then informed that’ll become the editor too.

First, what is The Horror Times? It is a site, which covers all of horror; interviews, articles, reviews of films and comics, books, soundtracks as well as music reviews and interviews, that publishes once a month likely on the 5th of each month and occasional on the 10th if due to a film festival or horror convention. Now, currently I’m the only writer for the site, though we have an open call out for writers and open to artists to share their work in our “Stories/ Poems” section. How are we different from the countless other horror sites? Well, we strive for detail reviews averaging at least 650 words to tallying over 1000, and giving insight into vast detail of the films or books, pushing the boundaries of the genre and exploring films in the thriller, mysteries, suspense and sci-fi realms found in the “Other Worldly Cinema”. Many times these other genres intersect in the Horror Genre and conjure new creations to terrorize the audiences; it also provides an excellent chance to review some flicks, which I personally hold close to my interests.

Therefore, come forth and explore this first issue, finding an article on a full reporting of the NJ Horror Con and Film Festival #2, as well as many film, book, comic, music reviews, generating interest for everyone. While there may not have many reviews, please note it is just the first issue, and future ones will grow with intensity, so stay tuned.

Baron Craze – Editor and Horror Historian of The Horror Times