An interesting favorite of many horror fans, Demon Knight, which achieves a cult status, accompanied by a fantastic movie soundtrack, (in this case the CD) that marries the core of metal and stretches to industrial and slips one song of horror rap to round out the album. The movie itself delivers a great fun movie to a diverse crowd of fans, the hardcore to the general interest, all entertained by the sheer thrill of the 1995 film. While to movie still sits well with the fans, complete with a cast featuring William Sadler versus Billy Zane, the soundtrack roars to great success and captures wonderful moments during the film. Of those who yet to see the film, fret not the music can standalone and send you into an overdrive of musical bliss, quickly enough with the line-up for the soundtrack.

Often directors of horror films went with sweeping orchestral pieces and while it sometimes does still occurs, the genre hatches more from independent composers and the band Goblin influences highly from the seventies, but in the 80s heavy metal took over greatly influenced both film and music. The 90s brought forth some gothic blends and industrial tracks with occasional rap music or at least horror-rap (horrorcore) music.

First, one must start with band Pantera, this was the fully intact group with Dimebag Darrel with a favorite song of theirs “Cemetery Gates” complete his solo but fans always recall the acoustic opening luring one in, before launching the legendary riffs. This followed by Ministry’s “Tonight We Murder” and later old-school Megadeth listening to them then makes one long for a return to the style metal fans recall, but the tracks from Biohazard, Filter, and Sepultura fit nicely into the mix. The only track this reviewer didn’t like was the final one, from Gravediggaz’s “1-800-Suicide” but nothing against the band it’s just my taste in music, but overall the lyrics reference death and fit into the horror film.

The soundtrack still a long sought treasure of both metal and horror fans, as serves for those to harkened back to metal’s heyday of the 80s and the influx of alternative and industrial bands, where metal struggles to regain its footing, but thanks to the horror genre never lost its true core of fans. In addition, since the initial release in 1995, the rare vinyl copy only available in Europe, finally achieve got a U.S. release on March 3, 2017 with a limited edition of 1100 copies on an Neon Green Opaque (the color connects to the movie itself) from Real Gone Music. A future review about this vinyl release pending in 2018.

Rating: 9/10 – screams

1 – Pantera “Cemetery Gates” (Demon Knight edit)
2 – Ministry “Tonight We Murder”
3 – Machine Head “My Misery” (Demon Knight)
4 – Megadeth “Diadems”
5 – Melvins “Instant Larry”
6 – Rollins Band “Fall Guy”
7 – Bioharazd “Beaten”
8 – Sepultura “Policia”
9 – Filter “Hey Man Nice Shot”
10 – Gravediggaz “1-800-Suicide”