Sinister instrumental music always finds a way to entice new audiences willing to sit and enjoy the notes that create mysterious worlds and journey through by dark alleys and secret passages, and while many bands and artists dominate the realm others do creep into the arena. Many fans can name such artists as Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana, this time, as the audience everyday is Halloween and scary movies always available to view why not enjoy Darkmood’s latest creation The Haunting. The artist also known as Steve D. Montgomery, his music not for a horror movie but rather for the scary images in one’s own mind, his music played on internet radio, featured in podcasts, such as mine, Baron’s Crypt. This marks his fourth album, the others coming in the years of 2011, 2014 and 2016.

“The Haunting” generates a spooky tale for the listening; creating a mysterious treat for the willing listener, compelling them to partake in a different trek especially for Halloween, but many who enjoy this genre of music will find pleasure in listening to while reading works of horror fiction. It is a very solid album giving layered treatment to each individual track, with the common heavy usage of orchestral production. Darkmood delivers a series of tracks each independent of one another.

Darkmood truly allows one to envision their nightmarish sequences and can think what he could do with an actual film or even a conceptual created manor. The music generates a landscape of wondrous frights to enjoy to the fullest, and thoroughly encouraged by the many horror podcasts which often play his compositions.

Rating: 80/100 – shrieks

1 – House of Horrors (5.19)
2 – Scared (5.06)
3 – Within the Night (3.59)
4 – Evil Comes (2.51)
5 – All Hallows Eve (3.28)
6 – Redrum (3.36)
7 – Book of Blood (3.11)
8 – Demon Doll (3.31)
9 – Cabin Terror (3.38)
10 – Into the Woods (4.58)
11 – Lost in Darkness (4.28)
12 – The Howling (3.22)
13 – 13 (5.04)